Göteborg Den Oudsten

Close to a hundred Den Oudsten buses were operated by Göteborgs Spårvägar between 1999-2010. In all they carried four different colour schemes, as the pictures below will show. While this was a common model in Göteborg through a decade, it was unique for Sweden. Den Oudsten got no more orders. This is a pity, as it was a well designed and sturdy vehicle indeed. It was also running smoothly and quickly. All of them were still in a splendid condition when taken out of service, by the introduction of the summer schedule in 2010. It is age, and not performance that counts in today's Sweden. A tremendously rich nation don't need to care more than that.

Göteborg Den Oudsten 530, Linnéplatsen.
530. The 500-series was dedicated to Mölndal, and carried the regional livery. Linnéplatsen is passed by some of those routes.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 315, by Kungssten.
315, Kungssten from above, with a working at route 64.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 541, Drottningtorget.
541. Only 541-543 were yellow. They were at first used at route 114, and later (as blue), mostly route 80. In the end of their career they were often seen at route 114 again, but still in blue.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 320, Brunnsparken.
320. The low 300-series were articulated all over. Those above 321 had a different livery.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 501 in Mölndal.
501, Mölndal nedre, now a parking lot.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 526, Lindome.
526 seen from the footbridge by Lindome commuter train station in early April 2002.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 536, Vetekornsgatan.
536, Vetekornsgatan. I passed this place every day during my senior high years.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 326, Högsbo södra industriområde.
326 at an overpass, crossing the beltway in April 2004. Some 9 years, but already sinking (the road).
Göteborg Den Oudsten 333, Kobbegården.
333 - another of the blue CNG powered. They should still be in service, according to their age, but where?
Göteborg Den Oudsten 357, Kungälv.
357. This is one of the first Den Oudsten, mostly seen in Ale district, later Mölndal.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 539, nötåsberget.
539, Nötåsberget, with Rådasjön in the background.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 368, Älvängen.
368, Älvängen bus terminal, with one of the Den Oudsten dedicated to this area.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 317, Smörgatan.
317 at the long route 50, by Smörgatan (butter street), named after the dairy across the street.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 309, Åkareplatsen.
309. You may have noticed by now that the order of the pictures is chronological, more or less.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 539, Tulebo.
539, Tulebo strandväg in October rain.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 538, Sahlgrenska.
538, Sahlgrenska (hospital), main entrence in March 2006.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 506, Bölet.
506, Bölet (what a name!) in slushy snow, now freezing by nightfall.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 314, Bergsjön.
314. I didn't fancy this huge commercial message at the back of many buses.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 330.
330. Interior by the aft set of doors.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 321, Saltholmen.
321, Saltholmen, July 2006. Competing with tram routes 9 and 11.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 306, Askims Svartmosse.
306, where I grew up in 1974-89, but the bus came there only in 1979.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 506, Ryet.
506 in a very steep precipice, where the higlands meets the valleys around Göteborg.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 504, Olas väg.
504, Våmmedal project in Kållered/ Mölndal.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 311, Önnered.
311, Önnereds brygga in April 2007.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 327, Ingebäcks by.
327, Ingebäcks by, approximately where the countryside meets the contiguos city development.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 319, Kallebäck.
319, kallebäck terminus, named after a spring, now only dispensing tap water.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 534, Tallkottegatan.
534, Tallkottegatan close to Stensjön.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 304, Näset.
304. You can say that my documentation of these intensified somewhat in the end.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 306, Gråberget.
306, Gråberget. My aunt used to live here in the early 70:s. My old man had this bus route as one of his four steady, when working as a driver 1972-86.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 302, Heden.
302-99, Heden, March 2009. It says "Not in service", and the driver is gone. Then again, the doors are open, and the displays are automatic to some extent, so it may soon change to 99 by itself.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 527, Varvsvägen.
527, Lindome in September 2009.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 541/ 543/ 515, Saltholmen
541, 543 and 515 in rare snow by the afternoon peak, Saltholmen in February 2010. Den Oudsten had no problems negotiating snow.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 314, Frölunda torg.
314 in another weather condition, more common to the west coast.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 524, Södermalmsgatan.
524, Södermalmsgatan. The blue stripe is missing in the front. This was the day that I last saw the old man alive at Sahlgrenska hospital, nearby.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 538, Jungfruplatsen.
538, Jungfruplatsen. Maybe not my best picture, but still cherished when you can't get more.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 541, Marklandsgatan.
541 by a cherry blossom in early May 2010.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 505, Knapehall.
505, former Mölndal, now moved to the "city routes" (lower numbers).
Göteborg Den Oudsten 528, Vasaplatsen.
528, Vasaplatsen. It had only a few weeks left in service here.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 310, Gräddgatan.
310, Gräddgatan (cream street), another of those dairy names in Kallebäck.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 507, Frölunda torg.
507, awaiting departure from Frölunda torg, a rainy day in May 2010.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 537, Lindome.
537, Lindome centrum.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 306 and 320, Frölunda torg.
306 and 320 parked as spare, Frölunda torg.
Göteborg Den Oudsten 321, Marklandsgatan.
321, Marklandsgatan - a small terminal, albeit with many routes and passengers.

I hoped you enjoyed this cavalcade of Göteborg scenes populated by Den Oudsten buses. I may make some more pictorials of certain themed topics eventually.

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