Recent updates

For those of you that are very familiar with the content of this page, it can be welcome to get a hint of what is the latest material added (one year moving). Note: these are not links - click for cities above.

September 1Falköping: A few more pics from last winter.
December 26Uppsala: 6 more Jonckheere pics from 1995.
December 25Halmstad: Update about vehicles and tickets.
December 24Göteborg: Den Oudsten feast (43 bus pictures).
December 17Göteborg: map for the selfguided tour.
December 6Falkenberg: an entirely new installment.
December 6Uppsala: new chapter with pictures of Jonckheere.
December 1Falköping: an entirely new installment.
November 30Boden: an entirely new installment.
November 8Umeå: Some new (well 2010) pictures.
November 7Luleå: 10 new pics, and a little more info.
November 7Karlstad: a few new and reorganised pics.
November 7Örebro: some nostalgic 1990:s pictures.
October 14Örebro: brand new pictures.

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