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Welcome to Swedish transit!

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24 richly illustrated chapters describe one Swedish city each. Attractions, sights, useful links, and naturally the bus network is presented. Loads of pictures from around Sweden will give you an idea of what Sweden looks like.

Well above 100 different Swedish colourings of buses is shown in the Liveries section's 21 chapters. Civics gives some background about what is typically Swedish in the social context.

The map on the left have clickable red dots for every city included in this guide. Black lines show the state borders. This is important for the understanding of how transit is organised. The menu Cities lists the cities in alphabetical order.

Overall Busspojken has an easy to understand approach to the subject of Swedish transit. I hope it will be a useful touring companion when going to Sweden, or just plain fun for the armchair traveller.

While it is mostly about Swedish buses, some of you may also have other interests, or travel in the company of less determined transit buffs. My aim is to contribute to a fullfilling experience for everyone!


Swedish transit images
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