W, Dalarnas län/ a.k.a Kopparberg

Dalarna bus. Take a close look below the drivers position.

Everything is done in the same striking design. The Dalahorse was first introduced at the Stockholm fair in 1930, and later also shown at the 1939 world fair in New York. Since then it is a next to world famous symbol for this area (and to some extent Sweden in general). Naturally its likeness is displayed on all vehicles as a company symbol. But it does not stop there. It is also repeated inside the buses, as a continious pattern on all seats. Thus a bus originating from this state will expose its history, even if it will be seen in e.g. Tallinn, Estonia (Yes they have a few).

The name conferred to the electric trains is Tib, that is train in Bergslagen (the latter meaning mining district). These are of common ownership by Gävleborg (X), Västmanland (U) and Örebro (T) län, and shared between them. It might then be a matter of discussion if they really have a Dalarna livery. By any standards it looks most like that one used on the buses there.

Trains operating in Dalarna.

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