S, Värmlands län

Värmlands län, newest colours.

The present scheme is all yellow, albeit with some green stripes. The yellow colour was rare before, but is increasingly coming around the nation. Now also Scania (M), Kalmar (H), and Uppland (C) has it. Värmland's most recent update shows a more in-your-face display of yellow, compared to the former version, that also had yellow as the main theme. All buses have a uniform colour scheme, and to some extent it also applies to EMU:s. The latter type of vehicle is painted very much like the similar ones used for Jönköping (F) and Västtrafik (O). I guess there is some budget explanations for that. It would also be easier to move around the vehicles without to much alterations.

EMU colour scheme.

Värmland's prior livery

Värmlands län, former colour scheme.

The older variety is still seen to a certain amount. This was more vivid and pleasant in my opinion. It is rather obvious that the blue represents Klarälven river, the green some grass along those river banks, and the spruces speaks for themselves, as this is a very much wooded state. But what is yellow symbolising - a sunset sky? The shape of Värmland is prominent in every aspect of transit, as that is the symbol of the state transit company, displayed on vehicles and bus stops in equal parts.

Fiat DMU in the same design.

City buses

Karlstad is a different ballgame. By my first visit, some blue and white buses still existed, but the majority had a newer painting. This was mainly white, and adorned with wide stripes in yellow and red - definitely among my national favourites. I'm truly sorry that they didn't keep it. The latest all orange paintjob is somewhat bland in comparison methinks.

Karlstad Volvo with the present livery.
Karlstads former livery, used cirka 1988-2004. Note the sun on the side, a wellknown symbol for this city.

The cities are not many, and except Karlstad not very big, even by Swedish standards. Still Kristinehamn also had some need to make itself heard in this matter. Now, hovewer, they just use the statewide colours too - see top of this page.

The former livery in Kristinehamn.

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