N, Hallands län

MAN city bus in Halmstad with Halland transit colours.

Amazing as it is in these times of almost constant change, the former colour scheme stuck for at least 15 years (!). Now it has finally been altered, but it still feels a little familiar. Silver replaced the white as the main colour, but the symbol N is still there (the state abbreviation, or rather prefix). In addition some hideous larger than life size faces covers the windows at one place or another. Several different can be seen.

As opposed to most areas in Sweden even the fabric that covers the seats has its own pattern. Most obvious there is some prominent symbols ands sights from around the state woven with green thread. Beside Varberg fort, Ätran river in Falkenberg, and Halmstad castle, I must concede that it is beyond my capability to identify the two remaining. Beside being good looking, this idiosyncratic feature make it easy to recognize buses as they move to other cities.

Older varieties

Varberg station, also main terminal for city and regional buses.

The old scheme was rather smart, even if somewhat dull. All buses were universally coloured throughout the state, as seen above. However there has also been some even older varieties not long ago. Varberg had their own colours in yellow and orange. Falkenberg carried SJ bus livery for many years, and Halmstad kept its own style well into the 90:s.

Swebus 1235 by Österskans terminal, Halmstad. 1996.

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