C, Uppsala län

Uppsala state transit livery in yellow.

Yellow was hardly seen in Sweden just some ten years back. Then Östersund city buses became yellow, Scania state transit (M), Kalmar state (H), Uppsala state (C), and finally Värmland (S).

The former, and rare Uppsala state livery in silver and maroon.

Actually Uppsala state was amongst the last in the nation to get a livery of its own. Every operator flied their recpective company colours until just a few years back. But there also was a mostly theoretical livery of silver and maroon, originally not used but on three EMU X10 class commuter trains, running Uppsala - Tierp. Later it also appeared in the rendering of a "bumper sticker" on the windshield of buses. When it was finally decided to go all the way, and paint the buses completely, it didn't take long until a new yellow livery showed up. This redesign is now almost completed.

A bus in silver and maroon.

Historical varieties

A host of different colour schemes was seen through much of the 2000:s, but only a few representations will be shown here. The dominant undertaker is by far Swebus. Because this was not much used in the rest of the nation - where the states always demands special paint jobs - this became almost synonymous with Uppsala.

Swebus house colours. Note that the fleet number is not situated under the driver, as is most common. Swebus was British-owned for some years, where the driver is sitting on that side. Hence this position even in Sweden (!)
National railways bus section; SJ Buss, later renamed Swebus. This colour was discontinued around the British takeover by Stagecoach.
Enköpings busstrafik (EB) kept their colours long after the acquisition by Swebus.
Finally one of the smaller undertakers. Kristian Larsson foremostly operated route 888.

City of Uppsala

There is rarely a rule without the occasional exception. All local bus services in Uppsala have a different livery. The current is all green. The addition of a white band midways, was for long the rule. A yet older variety included more white, and a somewhat paler version of the green. Also a few buses used for the longer state transit routes, as well as private charters, had a special livery with a virtual feast in stripes. This is not pictured here.

Green minus the white stripe, that does not seem to fit in the limited space of lowfloor vechicles...
Not current bus, but almost current livery.
Another bus from the striped era in the 1980:s.
Special livery applied to just two (?) buses.

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