BD, Norrbottens län

This shot shows both the coastal line (left) and the state transit colours (right). Note the freight compartments in the aft sections.

The state transit company has a somewhat bland scheme, reminding of Swebus white house colours. The blue bus is worth some extra attention. These are a kind of rubber wheel railway express service, running all the way from Sundsvall to Haparanda, thus passing three different states. The distance beeing equivalent of e.g. Amsterdam-Berlin or Bruselles-Bern for that matter. I guess this i doubtless among the longest bus routes in Europe. Boden, Piteå and Luleå have separate schemes, completely different from that of the state buses.

Local buses in Boden

Boden has it own livery, different from both state transit, and the (former) operator Linjebuss. Yellow buses is now the fad around the nation, as it has spread northwards the last ten years or so. It started in Scania, then came Kalmar, it was already partly present in Värmland, then Uppland, and now Boden and Piteå. For the record: the federal aviation agency also has yellow buses since way back in time.

The new paint job, diplayed at one of the new MAN CNG buses.
A slogan at the roofmounted tank says: todays fuel is old news (or food from the locker).
Boden city buses in red and silver, at the time operated by Linjebuss (also called Connex for a while). Some vehicles still remain in this colour.

Local buses in Piteå

Piteå has seen some changes. The adorable yellow, orange and white livery partly gave way to Linjebuss own white/ blue, as that company came to town. However this did not last for long, and the buses are now painted in bright yellow. Very similar to nearby Boden. Maybe there is some thinking about a statewide city bus livery? If so, Luleå could be the next.

Piteå, the present scheme, displayed at one of the latest Scania.
Piteå, one older variety. This is not seen anymore.
Piteå, another old variety. All the former buses are now gone.

Local buses in Luleå

Finally the state capital Luleå, which has the largest bus fleet in the upper two thirds of Sweden. Two buses that is a little differentely painted in red, will represent this northern metropolis.

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