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Bussmicke is the closest thing to a national master photographer when it comes to buses. If anyone has it, i'ts in here.

This is just enormous, with an almost incromprehensibly vast amount of material.

Brittish campaign organisation aimed at foremostly the promotion of developments in local rail transit. Founded as early as 1937. A membership gives access to the monthly magazine Tramways & Urban transit, delivered worldwide by post. It is surprisingly comprehensive and up-to-date, with a global coverage of events.

This organisation must have had an extreme uphill battle through many years, as the North American local transit systems dwindled or closed in the post WWII years. In the three most recent decades however, at least light rail has experienced a new heyday. Well, at least somewhat, compared to the most stupendous amount there was in the old days.
Electric railroaders association

A wealth of crisp high quality videos of all transit related topics from any corner of the world. Based in the U.K., delivered by mail to your doorstep.

If You want to know more about a certain Swedish bus, just enter a fleet number or registration plate.
Svensk busshistoria

The homepage of the association responsible for the heritage tram fleet in Göteborg.

The homepage of the national Svenska spårvägssällskapet.
Swedish tramway society

Some mixed transit history, with emphasis on Scanian transit.

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